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Zoom Zero-Day Flaw Allegedly Allows Full Takeover of Windows PCs

Published on: 13 ກ.ລ. 2020

Video conferencing software Zoom is again in the spotlight over an alleged critical vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take over the victim’s computer and all data on it. Discovered by an unnamed security researcher and reported to...


Court Lets Microsoft Seize Web Domains Used in COVID-19 Phishing/BEC Scams and Fraud

Published on: 9 ກ.ລ. 2020

A U.S. court order has allowed Microsoft to seize control of key domains controlled by fraudsters to halt criminal activity after an increase in scams targeting users of Office 365. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia...


Adobe to Remove Flash Download Links, Recommends People Uninstall It Now

Published on: 26 ມິ.ຖ. 2020

Adobe is taking further steps in its Flash-dismantling process scheduled to take place by the end of 2020, and said users should uninstall it long before the end-of-life date. Removing Flash from online content is a long and complicated process...


Akamai Registers Massive 1.44 Terabit-per-second DDoS Attack

Published on: 22 ມິ.ຖ. 2020

An unnamed webhost was just hit with one of the largest DDoS attacks ever registered by Akamai, one of the world’s biggest web and cloud providers. The attack was directed at a large hosting provider used by a number of political and social sites. Akamai didn’t reveal the name of the target, but the company did share some technical details about the attack itself.


Your Hacked Facebook Account Goes for $75 on the Dark Web

Published on: 19 ມິ.ຖ. 2020

A new report from Privacy Affairs says that cybercriminals on the Dark Web will pay on average $1,000 for a full range of stolen documents and account details that enable them to conduct sure-fire identity theft. Your hacked Facebook account...


Maze Team Hits US Nuclear Missile Contractor with Ransomware

Published on: 10 ມິ.ຖ. 2020

The infamous cyber extortionist gang known as Maze Team has breached a company that supports the US Minuteman III nuclear deterrent, according to reports. Westech International has several contracts with the U.S. military, including engineering...


Top 5 Endpoint Misconfigurations That Open Security Gaps

Published on: 5 ມິ.ຖ. 2020

The term “cyberattack” brings to mind malware, social engineering, network vulnerabilities or unpatched endpoints. But how do malicious actors manage to unleash their attack kill-chain in the first place? What is it that opens the gates to exploiting a weakness and breaching the infrastructure? With human error behind most successful attacks, perhaps we should look not beyond these culprits, but behind them.


Unc0ver Hackers Find New Zero Day Bug to Jailbreak iOS 13.5

Published on: 27 ພ.ພ. 2020

The infamous unc0ver hacker group has released the latest jailbreak for Apple’s notoriously hard-to-crack iOS operating system. The hack allows iPhone and iPad users on the latest iOS version to install a mod that eliminates some restrictions...


Facebook Fined $9 Million in Canada Over ‘False’ Privacy Claims

Published on: 22 ພ.ພ. 2020

After incurring billions of dollars in fines from international regulators over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook faces yet another penalty – albeit a much smaller one – over 'false' data privacy claims. Canada's Competition Bureau says...


Global Ransomware and Cyberattacks on Healthcare Spike during Pandemic

Published on: 15 ພ.ພ. 2020

With healthcare systems under constant strain amid the SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic, hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world have also been hit by a wave of cyberattacks, including ransomware attacks. While officials have already issued warnings that hospitals, governments and universities may be more conscious about losing data and access to critical systems, Bitdefender telemetry reveals that the number of cyberattacks and ransomware incidents directly targeting healthcare significantly increased over the past couple of months.