Bitdefender นำเสนอ GravityZone Integrity Monitoring

Bitdefender นำเสนอ GravityZone Integrity Monitoring

Benefit from ease of use while protecting sensitive data from tampering

Advanced File Monitoring and Response Capabilities Assist in Ensuring Businesses Comply with and Maintain Regulatory Standards

Security teams are able to swiftly recognize and respond to the most important modification events thanks to Bitdefender GravityZone Integrity Monitoring, which tracks, identifies, and corrects unauthorized changes to files and assets business-wide.

GravityZone Integrity Monitoring, a cloud-based service, is simple to set up and offers a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution to secure all workloads in any environment without degrading performance. Only the most important events are filtered through automated and guided actions to adjustments and event classification to security personnel in order to minimize alert fatigue and maximize performance.

According to Daniel Daraban, director of product management at Bitdefender Business Solutions Group, "Today's cybersecurity attacks are frequently intricate, multilayered, and launched in stages, making it challenging for security teams to identify and immediately halt them." GravityZone Integrity Monitoring "enables security teams to increase their cyber resiliency while reducing regulatory compliance and enhancing operational efficiency as an integrated part of our industry-leading threat prevention, detection and response products."

GravityZone Integrity Monitoring checks the integrity of items including files, registries, directories, installed apps, and users for privilege escalation across your business to verify you are adhering to compliance and regulatory security standards. The simplicity of deployment and quick configuration help security teams start spotting anomalies right away. The Bitdefender approach to thorough Integrity Monitoring makes it simple to realize quick returns with to features like automated and guided responses to changes, event classification to rapidly identify the most important events, and speed optimizations to avoid alert fatigue.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Monitoring and Corrective Actions – GravityZone Integrity Monitoring keeps an eye out for incidents and gives actionable response recommendations, enabling security teams to react rapidly and eliminate threats as they emerge.
  • Deep Visibility for Regulatory Compliance Beyond Files — To help establish and manage data compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 1 & 2, and other regulations, GravityZone Integrity Monitoring provides real-time visibility and monitoring for files, directories, registries, installed applications, services, users, ports, and processes.
  • Change and Risk Management Support -- Security teams may spot significant configuration changes in real time with GravityZone Integrity Monitoring, distinguishing between allowed and unapproved modifications to identify potential integrity incidents. This tool helps enterprises' change and risk management strategies
  • Reduced Alert Fatigue to Improve Operational Efficiency -- By decreasing alert overload, automated and guided response actions based on predetermined rules increase operational efficiency. Security teams use categorized events as a filter to quickly drill down on, prioritize, and deal with the most important and urgent problems
  • Closes Security Skills Gaps -- GravityZone Integrity Monitoring provides out-of-the-box automated best practices and the capability to develop custom rules without the need to learn new programming languages, dramatically increasing alarm response efficiency for security teams with a variety of skill sets.
  • 100% Cloud-based -- Without affecting performance, GravityZone Integrity Monitoring is cloud-based and simple to install across on-premises, cloud, or virtualized systems
  • Availability -- GravityZone Integrity Monitoring is available now as an add-on feature to any Bitdefender GravityZone cloud solution or Bitdefender MDR service. For more information visit: 

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