How to optimize your hard disk space using Disk Cleanup in Bitdefender 2017

Unnecessary files and folders that use up space on your disk may cause system slowdown. Therefore, it is recommended to improve your system speed by cleaning it out at regular intervals.

Bitdefender Disk Cleanup helps you free up drive space by identifying large files and folders you do not use anymore.

To start cleaning out your system:

1. Click the icon on the left sidebar of th Bitdefender interface. 

2. Click the Disk Cleanup action button. 

3. A window displaying information about what Disk Cleanup can do for your system to make room to new data becomes visible. Click CONTINUE

NOTEYou can see a list of the available disks. Beside Windows disks, external hard drives and USB devices can be scanned and displayed in the list.

4. Click SCAN from the disk area you want to clean up. 

NOTE: The selected drive is analyzed. Wait for Bitdefender to finish searching for large files and folders. 

5. Click VIEW to have access to the folders belonging to the selected location.

NOTE: This is where you can view the operation results divided into folders. In the left side of the window, a pie chart showing the amount of the used drive space can be noticed. Move the mouse over it to view the name of its files and how much space they do occupy. 

NOTE: To navigate through the folders of the selected system location, select them from the right part of the window. To view the contents of a folder in a separate window, click on Show in File Explorer (the button is represented by a magnifying glass, placed next to the dimension of the folder)


6. Drag the files you want to delete to the lower part of the window. Click VIEW if you want to take a second look over the files you have selected to delete. Click DELETE PERMANENTLY to start the erasing process. 

NOTE: System files cannot be deleted. You cannot and should not delete folders such as C:\Windows, or C:\Program Files. To get rid of unwanted prgrams, just acces the Programs and Features tab in Control Panel and uninstall them.

7. Confirm your choice. 

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