How to use the Device Control module in GravityZone

How to use the Device Control module in GravityZone

Bitdefender GravityZone provides full visibility into organizations’ overall security posture, global security threats, and control over its security services that protect virtual or physical desktops, servers and mobile devices. All Bitdefender’s Enterprise Security solutions are managed within the GravityZone through a single console, Control Center, that provides control, reporting, and alerting services for various roles within the organization.

Install/Enable the Device Control

The Device Control module must be installed on the Endpoint. To install it on a fresh machine, when creating the installation package, check the Device Control box > Save. The package, wich can be used for manual and remote installs, will now install the Device Control module as well.

If BEST is already installed on the machine without the Device Control module, to install it, from the GravityZone Control Center, select the machine in question -> right click > Tasks -> Reconfigure Client -> check the Device Control box (along with the other modules that you want to install or keep on the machine).


Now that the Device Control is up and running on the machine, it can be configured from the GravityZone Control Center policies.

From Device Control -> Rules, the module can be turned ON or OFF (this checkmark does not uninstall the module).

When selecting one of the Device Classes, the permission on it can be modified to Allow and Deny.

Some of the Device Classes have a Custom option which allow you to Allow or Deny a number of subclasses.

From the Device Control -> Exclusions tab, exceptions can be added for the devices from the network. 

How to add Exclusions

The exclusions can be added Manually or From Discovered Devices:

Manual exclusions:

Click on the Add button (from the upper-middle part of the screen) -> Manually and Add Exception window will appear.

The exception Type can added for Device ID or Product ID.

Discovered Devices exclusions:

Click on the Add button (from the upper-middle part of the screen) -> From Discovered Devices and a Add Exceptions from Discovered Devices window will appear. This window contains all of the discovered devices from the machines which currently run BEST with the Device Control module installed and enabled.

Select the device(s) that need to be added as exceptions and Save.