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What's NEW at Bitdefender 2018

Last updated on: 23 ກ.ຍ. 2023

This year's Bitdefender 2018 comes with a lot of new and exciting features and enhanced functionality in order to make the user experience easier and pleasant.

The NEW Wi-Fi Profile in Bitdefender 2017

Last updated on: 22 ກ.ຍ. 2023

Public Wi-Fi Profile adjusts product settings to give you the possibility to make payments online and use sensitive information in a protected environment.

Upgrading to Bitdefender 2017 on my computer

Last updated on: 23 ກ.ຍ. 2023

I already have Bitdefender 2016 on my PC and I want to upgrade to the new Bitdefender 2017.

How to uninstall Antivirus for Mac if the standard uninstaller doesn't work

Last updated on: 23 ກ.ຍ. 2023

If the standard uninstall procedure doesn't work, follow the steps from this article.

How to optimize your hard disk space using Disk Cleanup in Bitdefender 2017

Last updated on: 23 ກ.ຍ. 2023

In order to optimize your system speed by cleaning unnecesarry file from you hard disk, you can use the new Disk Celanup function available in the Tools section.